Professional Interpreter / Coach
Are your business ventures taking you to
the Okanagan or are you planning to
establish your residence in the beautiful
interior of British Columbia? Our
professional interpreter can assist. Be it a
meeting with real estate agents,
government agencies, lawyers or
understanding legal documents, we are
there when you need us.
Student Studies Abroad
We are agents for the Vernon School
District and assist students worldwide
who are interested in studying in the
Okanagan. Together with our
colleagues in Europe and Asia we can
arrange schools and accommodation.
MYNGLE Language
Myngle is the online instruction platform.
Please visit this site if you are interested in
language instruction.
Speakanada Consulting is your one stop language consulting agency. Many years of
experience in Europe and Canada, teaching and assisting individuals and international
organizations in their ventures, have placed us in the forefront when it comes to helping
customers overcome language difficulties.

Speakanada can offer language assistance to individuals and organizations needing to
prepare for meetings, seminars, exams or conventions etc. by using MYNGLE the online
instruction /coaching platform.

Our professional interpreters will also personally assist you during your visits to the
Okanagan in British Columbia. Translation services can be arranged, should they be

Our consulting services also encompass relocation assistance which makes the transition
to Canada a breeze. Correspondence with real estate agents, government agencies, law
firms, to name a few, can be complicated to say the least if you are not a native speaker or
equivalent. One word taken or used in the wrong context could be very costly. Our
experience and expertise will eliminate the guess work.

To round off our services, we help our younger clients find their educational connection to
Canada. As agents for the Vernon school district in British Columbia and together with our
colleagues in Europe and Asia, we can arrange schooling and accomodation in the
Okanagan. This could lead to future university acceptance or other post secondary
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Speakanada Consulting
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Vernon, British Columbia, Canada
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